Successful Dog Training Requires Consistency

The key to successful dog training is maintaining consistent behavior and consistent routines. It's also important to remember that successful training also requires healthy doses of fun, play and exercise.

  • Set goals and practice regularly
  • Set and maintain a consistent length of training time per session
  • Keep your pet motivated with praise and rewards: a willing pet learns faster

Consistent training develops a strong bond between a dog and his owner

  • Dogs enjoy attention
  • Dogs and owners feel pride of accomplishment
  • Well-trained dogs are welcome in more places

Inconsistency in training can actually reinforce unwanted behaviors

  • Eliminating unwanted behaviors means that "no" means "no" 100% of the time

To dogs, consistency equals leadership

  • Be consistent in how you get and hold attention
  • Keep your dog's focus, keep his respect
  • Learn about dog habits and how to signal your "alpha" status
  • Use techniques that mirror naturally occurring dog behaviors