Yes, It Can Be Done:
Litter Box Training - For Dogs!

Most people assume that litter boxes are exclusively used by cats. However, with humans' increasingly busy lifestyles and time away from home, more and more dogs are being trained to use a litter box. Small dogs, in particular, benefit from having a litter box at their disposal. Since small dogs have small bladders, they tend to have to urinate more frequently than larger dogs - and a litter box gives them the opportunity to do so whenever they feel the need.

The litter box can be used in a number of ways.
Litter box training is also a great intermediary step for puppies that have not yet been housebroken. While you never want to train your dog to only use a litter box, it is a great tool to have available when you can't be home to let your pet out for long periods of time, the weather is extreme, or you are traveling. Ideally, your pet will be able to use a litter box as well as eliminate outdoors, depending on the situation.

Setting up the box is simple.
Training your dog to use the litter box is fairly simple. You'll need to purchase a dog litter box or the largest cat litter box available. If you buy the variety with a hood, cut the top off the hood and sand down any rough edges with sandpaper or a smoothing tool. You can choose to use commercial dog litter, cat litter, newspapers or absorbent "pee pads" to fill the litter pan. You'll also need a large litter scoop so you can clean the box frequently - dogs tend to eliminate more frequently than cats. You may also want to invest in a diaper pail. They are designed to contain odors and it can save time on trips to empty waste.

Dogs learn fast.
Once the litter box is set up, encourage your dog to use it whenever you see him exhibiting signs that he needs to eliminate. Use a short, verbal phrase as a cue for your dog to go to the box, such as "go pee". Encourage him to come to you as you sit by the box or pick him up and place him in the box when you notice he's getting ready. Be patient. Soon enough, it will become second nature for your dog to use the litter box when the option of going outdoors isn't available.

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