Ultrasonic Bark Control

Ultrasonic correction tone deters annoying, excessive barking

When the microphone picks up the sound of your dog’s bark, the unit emits an ultrasonic tone that can be heard by your dog, but is silent to most humans.  Startled by the high-pitched tone, the dog should stop barking, as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise.

Ultrasonic Bark Control


  • Uses ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking
  • Low battery indicator
  • Light weight and comfortable


  • Unpleasent but safe ultrasonic correction tone
  • Includes Batteries

System Includes:

  • Bark Control Unit
  • Adjustable Nylon Collar
  • Two CR2032 Batteries
  • Operating Guide

Questions & Answers:

Is the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar effective on all dogs?
The product may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.
Will another dog’s bark set off the Bark Control Collar?
Yes. The device can detect another dogs barking.
I have more than one dog, but only one dog with a barking problem. I keep both dogs together. Will the ultrasonic correction affect the other dog?
Yes, when the dog barks the ultrasonic tone emits and can be detected up to 8 feet from the collar.
Can a dog become desensitized to the ultrasonic tone?
There are some situations where dogs become desensitized. To avoid this, only use the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar during periods of unwanted barking.
Can humans hear the ultrasonic tone?
The ultrasonic tone cannot be heard by most humans. Occasionally the speaker may vibrate which can make a sound.
Can I add the bark control unit to an existing collar?
Yes. A collar is included, however, it will fit on other collars up to 3⁄4" wide.