Mini Bark Control

Brings peace and quiet back to your home

The Mini Bark Stopper brings peace and quiet back to your home by offering patented, ultrasonic technology. With easy peal-and-stick mounting, this tiny solution will fight the biggest bark exactly when and where it’s needed.

Mini Bark Control

GBC11-11004 or GBC11-12133

  • Automatically corrects excessive barking
  • Activated automatically
  • No collar needed
  • Detects barks up to 25 feet away


  • One Year Warranty
  • Low battery indicator
  • Freestanding or can be adhered to door frames, window frames, etc.

System Includes:

  • Ultrasonic Mini Bark Control
  • Adhesive-backed Hook and Loop Fastener
  • Two CR2032 Batteries
  • Operating Guide
  • One Year Warranty

Questions & Answers:

Is the Mini Bark Control effective on all dogs?
The product may not work on deaf or hearing impaired dogs.
Will the ultrasonic correction work for multiple dogs?
Yes, it is effective on all dogs within the 25 foot range.
Can a dog become desensitized to the ultrasonic tone?
There are some situations where dogs become desensitized. To avoid this, only use the Mini Bark Control during periods of unwanted barking. Turn the unit off when not in use.
Can humans hear the ultrasonic tone?
The ultrasonic tone cannot be heard by most humans. Occasionally the speaker may vibrate which can make a sound.
Can I use the Mini Bark Control outdoors?
No, we do not recommend keeping the product outdoors. Guardian® Outdoor Bark Control products are weatherproof and can work up to 50 feet from a barking dog. Please visit our website at for more information.