Collarless Trainer - Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic tone reinforces common training commands

Train your pet with this innovative ultrasonic training tool. Positive tone rewards good behavior, negative tone corrects unwanted behavior. The ultrasonic sound can not be heard by most human but gets your dog’s attention. Range up to 30 ft/10m. Uses one 9v battery (not included).

Collarless Trainer - Ultrasonic


  • Correct your dog with the touch of a button
  • Ultrasonic tone – dogs hear it, humans don't
  • No training collar required


  • Handheld remote – no collar required
  • Simple controls for positive reward tone, and negative correction tone
  • Range up to 30 ft/10m
  • Uses one 9v battery

System Includes:

  • Handheld remote

Questions & Answers:

The light on my remote does not illuminate when I press a button.

Check the battery. Be sure the negative pole of the battery (-) is on the right side of the compartment. Check that both poles of the 9v battery make solid contact with the power clips.