Wireless Pet Containment System™

Containing your pet was never this easy

Creates a containment circle adjustable up to ½-acre (180 feet across). Your pet will wear the included receiver collar that works with the transmitter to keep your pet within the boundary. The collar will deliver a warning tone as your pet approaches the boundary, followed by a quick correction if he attempts to leave the area. Train your pet in just 2 weeks!

Wireless Pet Containment System™


  • No wires to buy, sets up in 1-2 hours
  • Contains your pet in a circular area up to 180 feet across
  • Train your pet in less than 2 weeks


  • No wires or visible barrier
  • 3 adjustable levels of correction (plus tone-only for training)
  • Covers up to 1/2 acre (180 feet across)
  • Waterproof receiver collar includes low battery indicator
  • Sets up in 1-2 hours
  • 1 year limited warranty

System Includes:

  • Transmitter with power adapter
  • Receiver with adjustable collar
  • Operating and Training Guide
  • Battery for receiver collar
  • 50 Training Flags
  • Test Light Tool

Questions & Answers:

What is static correction?

Static correction is a mild electrical pulse, similar to the sensation you feel when you walk across carpet and touch a doorknob. It doesn't hurt but it is startling, and is a proven safe and effective behavior deterrent for pets. When first using the product, keep your pet on a leash. When he receives the correction, lead him back into the defined boundary, and reassure him with calm, gentle tones. He will regard the static correction as a deterrent.

Will this work for my yard?

The system creates a circular field 180 feet across, or radiating up to 90 feet from the transmitter. The wireless fence Transmitter must be housed indoors, on the ground floor of your home in a warm dry location. Place the Transmitter at least 2 feet above the floor. The positioning of your containment circle can vary slightly based on where you place your transmitter within your home and the adjustment of the boundary area. The transmitter will be located at the exact center of the boundary area. See Operating and Training Guide for more tips.

What if I need to cover more area?

Additional wireless fence transmitters are available from PetSafe.net. You can create overlapping fields; set the control units up to 150 feet from one another. Their circular fields will overlap, creating a larger area for your pet.

Will the system work if I have more than one dog?

You can use the system with as many dogs as you would like with your system as long as each pet wears a receiver collar. You will need an Extra Wireless Fence Receiver GIF00-15173, or GI-F275-11, for each additional pet.

My dog is wearing the collar. She hears the beep but continues to cross over the boundary line with no static correction. What should I do?

Check the fit of the collar on your pet. The collar may be too loose for your pet to feel the static correction. Adjust the collar so that it fits snugly; you should be able to fit a finger between the contact point and his skin. The contact points must touch the dog’s skin.

On our receiver collar, the LED does not always light up. Can you help?

Remove the Receiver Collar from your pet. Press the button and verify that the LED illuminates. If the LED light does not work, remove the battery. Locate the metal tabs in the battery well. Gently lift the tabs to ensure that the battery will make good contact. Replace the battery, press the button and check that the LED illuminates.

My system was working until just recently and now it's not.

If the Receiver Collar and Transmitter are not communicating, it may be necessary to re-set the system. To do this:
1. Remove the Receiver Collar from your pet.
2. Remove the battery from the Receiver Collar. Discharge all power by holding the correction level button down until the LED is no longer illuminated.
3. At the transmitter, note your settings of the Boundary Switch and Boundary Control Dial.
4. Move the Boundary Switch from the low to the high position.
5. Adjust the Boundary Control Dial up to 8, down to 1 and then back to the #4 position.
6. Standing within 5-10 feet of the Transmitter, reinsert the battery into the Receiver Collar.
7. Test the boundary and verify operation by walking out into the pet area until your receiver collar responds (with the transmitter set to 4, it should activate approximately 40-50 feet away).
Once you are confident that the system is working, reset the transmitter controls to the original setting.